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Thunder Oil has a new look!

Many Thanks to Gaunt Industries for their efforts on the new Micro oiler top.


     Refill Bottle with Twist Top Dispenser Cap

     Some of our Vintage Slot Car Clubs that have given Thunder Oil the stamp of approval:                                        

VHORS  Approved
Vintage HO Racing Series
  VASHOSCROF  Approved
 Vintage Anachronistic Society of HO Slot
Car Racing Old Farts
VASCRA  Approved
Vintage Aurora Slot Car Racers Alliance

The Red Aurora Model Motoring Special Racing Oil lives on!

OK, Lets go with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and hop in the Wayback Machine for a trip back to the early 60's. It's Christmas morning, and Santa has left you a shiny new Aurora Model Motoring ThunderJet 500 HO race set. Oh man, this is soooo neat. Dad helps you set it up, and you break out the cars to take your first laps, and wow, do they squeak! They need oil! Fortunately, Santa also left a little 1/3 ounce jar of  Red Aurora Model Motoring Special Racing Oil, No.14-25, with that plastic stick in the cap, like the Service Manual shows. He knew you would need it. You oil up your new T-Jets, and now they run just fine. And that smell of Pancake Motors and Red Oil. MMMMMMMM! 

 All right, back to the Wayback Machine, and now it's the late 90's. You found all your old HO slotcars in the attic, and remember how much fun it was. Set it all up again, and boy, oh boy, do those cars squeak again, and your bottle of red oil has only a little bit left. You want to get more, but it is no longer available.

Late 1998, the supply of the original red oil dried up. Being the T-jet junkie that I was, I set out to re-create that classic red oil, and here it is. Thunder Oil Red Racing Oil. Has the look, the feel, the color, and most important, the smell of the original, but with the lubricating technology of today. Thick like the original, it stays where it is put. Won't thin out when hot, will not throw off or run all down inside the motor like lighter oils. The perfect replacement for the original Aurora Red Oil. Comes in a 1 ounce LDPE Plastic bottle, with a 1/2 inch long micro oiler needle. Once again, your T-Jets, will be happy, and MMMMMMMM, that smell! 

Lets not forget Atlas, or Eldon, or Bauer, or Faller, or Marx, or Lionel, or Matchbox, etc., and of course, AFX, G+, JL, and AW cars too!

Over 2300 bottles have sold since Thunder Oil was introduced in August of 1999. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Have  been told by other slot addicts that Thunder Oil also works well on Tomy, Rokar/Lifelike and Tyco/Mattel cars as a gear lube, along with the larger scale cars. The Train hobbyists say the same, a great oil for the locomotive drive gears. Plus I have heard many stories of it's use on things other than just slots, and trains.


Thunder Oil red racing oil (tm) is available in:

Refill Bottle with Twist Open Dispensing Cap
A 1 oz.  bottle, perfect for filling your favorite oiler, or refilling an original red oil glass bottle.
   $4.00 each.

Needle Oiler
A 1 oz.  bottle with a 1/2 inch .035od/.023id micro oiler needle for getting to those hard to reach spots on your favorite T-Jet
.     $6.00 each.

That's more oil than you'll use in years! About 4 to be exact.

Shipping Charges:
$3.00 for first class postage.

* Priority shipping can also be requested for any quantity
of bottles.

Need an empty micro oiler bottle?
See Gaunt Industries at the bottom of the page.


1.) The "Get a Grip" Thunder Package ($13.00):
           1 x Micro Oiler of Thunder Oil  
           12 pr. of Tom Nagler's Thunderslicks
2.) The "JB" Thunder Package (N/A):
           1 x micro oiler of Thunder Oil
           6 pr. of JB's Thunder Brushes

3.) The "Ultimate" Thunder Package (N/A):
           1 x micro oiler of Thunder Oil
           6 pr. of Thunder Brushes
          12 pr. of  Tom Nagler's Thunderslicks  

H.O. Reproductions  

Reproduction Plastic Chrome Parts for Vintage Aurora Slot Cars,  injection molded and vacuum chrome plated. Made from the same polystyrene plastic material that Aurora used to make their products in the 60's. All proudly made in the USA. No resin or Chinese junk.

These parts are identical to the original part, right down to the gate marks.

T-Jet Stock Hubs  An exact reproduction of the original Aurora hub that was found on the Vibe chassis.   Perfectly round, and racer true!     $2.00 for a set of 4

Hot Rod/Indy/Dune Buggy Hubs   Chrome 4 dimple. No more searching thru several original hot rod wheels to find a good set. Once again, an exact reproduction of the originals, Perfectly round and racer true!      $3.00 for a set of 4

Hot Rod Vibrator 3 Spinner "Knock Off" Hubs    Hard to find, until now!  An exact reproduction of the wheels found only on the Vibe Hot Rod Roadsters, and Coupes.  Perfectly round, and racer true!      $4.00 for a set of 4

Hot Rod Moons      An H.O. Reproductions Original! Same dimensions as the Spinner hubs, but without the spinners, for a smooth "moon" surface.  Get that authentic Hot Rod look, in a plastic hub. Sweeeeet !! Perfectly round, and racer true!       $3.00 for a set of 4 

UN-CHROMED HUBS ALSO AVAILABLE IN ALL STYLES. Smooth shiny black surface, perfect for painting to get that custom look or if you like to glue on tires.

T-JET $1.75 a set. HOT ROD $2.75 a set. MOONS $2.75 a set. VIBE $3.75 a set.

NOTE Before mounting your new hubs, the center hole may need to be cleared out with a 1/16 (.0625), a #52 (.0635), or a #51 (.0670) drill.   The size of the drill will depend on what axles you are using.  Axles vary in size depending on who the manufacturer was, and when they were made. If you let the drill lead itself through the hole, it will stay on center. These wheels should fit vibrator axles, which are .060, without clearing them with a drill.  Be sure to check for fit first, on the axle you want to use. They also should be usable on all types of t-jet axles from early to late Aurora including AFX, all the way up to JL T-jet axles as long as the proper size drill is used in the center hole.

1/16  drill bit   $1.50 ea.

#51 drill bit     $.75 ea.

#52 drill bit    $.75 ea.

T-Jet & Vibrator Style Hot Rod Windshield Frame   This frame is just like the original, it has the 4 ejector pin marks in the 4 corners on one side. It also has the plastic gate in the same spot.         $5.00 Each

T-Jet & Vibrator Style Hot Rod Rollbar   This roll bar is faithful to the original in every way EXCEPT that it is molded in black under the chrome. Very few originals came molded in black. $5.00 ea.

T-Jet  Style Hot Rod Side Pipes  These pipes look noticeably better than originals.   $10.00 a pair.

Vibrator Style Hot Rod Side Pipes   4 pipe as found only on the Vibes.   $10.00 a pair.

#1377 Chaparral Roll Bar   This piece is exactly like the original, it's even molded in the same black plastic and has the gate marks in the same spots.   $5.00 ea.

Tyco '32 Ford Highboy Roadster Roll Bar  Exactly like the original, which is always missing! Great addition for the aftermarket AC Cobra bodies.  $5.00 ea.

Thunderslicks   Silicone rubber tires designed to replace the old stock tires found on 60's era Aurora ThunderJet slotcars, made by Tom Nagler.
      1 pr. for  $1.00,      6 pr. for $5.00,      12 pr. for $10.00

JB's Thunder Brushes    Simply the best T-Jet replacement brushes available. They are a top notch copper/carbon compound, they are like Nitrous Oxide for your pancake motor!   OUT OF STOCK and NO LONGER MADE

JB's Thunderslims also available for the Slimline chassis.  OUT OF STOCK and NO LONGER MADE 

Tom Hiester's Tires   High quality silicone tires, now made by Tom himself!

#S101  Tuff Ones $1.00 a pair.       

#S501  AFX rear tires $1.00 a pair.      

#S804  Lo Pro rears for .225 od hubs $1.00 a pair.


Wizzard High Performance, Inc.    "Dedicated To The Highest Performance In Slot Cars"

#FR52   Front hub retainers for independent fronts. Those little white plastic things you always lose.        **Fit FR54   .059 axle**     $1.00 a pair.

#FR55  Set of 1/8" ID and 3/16" ID spacers for adjusting the weight on FR54 front ends.  $1.49 a set.

#FR56  Heavy Spacers for T-Jet independent front end (FR54)  $2.00 a set.

#FT   Independent front tires cut to size.  $1.00 pr.   (specify .310, .315, .320, .325, .330, .335, .350, .355 not all sizes in stock)

#AA5A  Phenolic .010 spacers. The perfect spacer between hub and chassis for stock hubs, or the independent fronts. Also a crown gear spacer.                   $1.00 for 10 pcs.

#AA1  Steel .005 Spacer.   Never stretch a t-jet pick up spring again! These spacers fit in the recess where the pick up springs rest on the chassis, you can now adjust your spring tension by .005 increments.  $1.00 for 8 pcs.

#RGT09   Brass 9 tooth T-Jet pinion gear.    $1.00 each, or 5 for $4.00

#RA16W  .225 OD white double flanged rims for Wizzard PVT04 or Hiester S101 TUFF ONE slip on silicone tires.   $2.50 pr.


#PVT04  Wizzards Silicone TUFF-ONES rear tires.   $1.00 a pr.

#PVT05 Wizzards Silicone Hot Rod Washer Slick.   $1.00 a pr.

#PVT10  Wizzards Lo Pro Silicone tire to fit .225od  hubs.    $1.00 a pr.

Gaunt Industries

Empty Thunder Oil  bottle,  comes with cap, and a #35  .035od/.023id  and NEW STYLE 1/2 inch long needle.  $3.25

Bottle only$0.75      cap only, $0.25      1/2 " needle only, $2.50 


For quick delivery...

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To order Thunder Oil or Parts, please read the following instructions:
E-mail your selections to [email protected] and I will confirm availability ASAP.
All orders will be shipped via the most economical means available,
depending on weight of the package. Price will be quoted with your order inquiry.

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, or thru paypal

Please make checks or MO's payable to Steve Street.


Steve Street 

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Phone:(Verizon cell) 585-750-9722
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     This web page is dedicated to the memory of Rocco J. Marciano, Terry and Charlotte Westbrook, John Forlino, and Jan Lesterhuis. 





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This web page is dedicated to the memory of:
Rocco J. Marciano,
Terry and Charlotte Westbrook, John Forlino
Jan Lesterhuis.